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Yoga studio Pozdrav Suncu (Sun Salutation) was located in Maksimir neighborhood, in Mašićeva street. It opened it's doors 15 years ago with the traditional Sivananda Hatha yoga, and over the years increased the number of styles that can be practiced. From 2023 classes are exclusive held online. You can practice Sivananda hatha classes, Vinyasa classes and Yin classes.

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Studio's founder is Senka Ljubić, a 500-hour experienced yoga teacher with more than 6.500 led classes in over 15 years of experience in teaching. She gained her basic education in a Sivananda Ashram in Austria and finished her advanced 300-hour education in Zagreb. Senka is most known for her mindful Sivananda Hatha classes and juicy Vinyasa flow classes. Senka teaches classes online.

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