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Yoga studio Pozdrav Suncu (Sun Salutation) is located in Maksimir neighborhood, in Mašićeva street in Zagreb.


There are classes for every type of practitioners, and we practice in small groups where you can get maximum attention from the teacher. If you can't make it work with the group, you can always book a private class. Every class can be held in English.

Yoga studio Pozdrav Suncu (Sun Salutation) is located in Maksimir neighborhood, in Mašićeva street. It opened it's doors 13 years ago with the traditional Sivananda Hatha yoga, and over the years increased the number of styles that can be practiced. Today, besides the traditional Sivananda Hatha yoga, you can practice Vinyasa flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga and ABC yoga for beginners. Our special programme includes Yoga 60+ and occasional Bowspring classes. We also offer private one-on-one classes in any of the mentioned styles.

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Our teachers are certified by the standards of Yoga Alliance International and they continue their education through various workshops and retreats. Studio's founder is Senka Ljubić, a 500-hour experienced yoga teacher with more than 6.500 led classes in 13 years of experience in teaching. She gained her basic education in a Sivananda Ashram in Austria and finished her advanced 300-hour education in Zagreb. Senka is most known for her mindful Sivananda Hatha classes and for juicy Vinyasa flow classes. Maja and Marina are the driving force behind the studio's ABC yoga programme and with Juraj you can feel the discipline of traditional Ashtanga yoga, being practiced in a led class format. Jelena is the studio's newest arrival, holding part of ABC classes and covering classes as needed.

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